Self Storage Aggregator Makes Game Changing Move With New Partnership

If you want to find a number to a self storage facility you could use a phone book, but these days you are more likely to find one being used to prop up the corner leg of a table than anything else. Why use one when you can go online to a website and find not only a phone number but pricing information and so much more?


As the popularity of the industry—and the industry itself—has grown a method of being able to find a self storage facility in a particular location has become quite useful to potential tenants. In the past people could just take a short drive around their immediate neighborhood to find one, but that method didn’t really allow for comparison shopping unless you had time to drive around all day looking for and visiting facilities.

So in a desire to make it possible for people to maximize that time and find the self storage facility that fits their needs the best self storage aggregators were created. Like with any business, as more and more were created the competitive landscape required them to figure out how to stand out from the rest.

Some offer special marketing deals to facilities. Others specialize and focus on particular locations. One—Sparefoot—has entered in to a partnership that will expose it to millions of people with AAA.

“AAA is pleased to unite with SpareFoot, the nation’s largest aggregator of self-storage,” said Scott Denman, vice president of AAA Financial Services and Member Benefit Programs. “Partnering to offer AAA Discounts & Rewards at premium facilities that meet high service standards further affirms our commitment of helping members save on everyday expenses.”

AAA has been providing members with discounts and rewards to different businesses for years. By teaming up with them Sparefoot the site (and its self storage facility members) will be promoted through all of AAA’s marketing channels (local and national sites, print media, etc.).

Since AAA has its own standard of excellence to maintain only the best of Sparefoot’s member facilities that meet a certain standard will be included.

“Only the best facilities in the SpareFoot network will qualify for the AAA program,” said Chuck Gordon, co-founder and CEO of SpareFoot. “Since the AAA brand is so respected and trusted, these facilities will have to meet and maintain strict quality criteria to be affiliated with AAA Discounts & Rewards.”

It sounds as if it is possible that not every self storage facility will be included, but those that are will be open to a customer base unlike any other self storage aggregator.


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