SD Storage of San Diego Offers E-Waste Collection

Posted on Oct 26 2010 - 6:52am by Holly Robinson

SD Storage of San Diego announced today that it is joining a host of other California self storage companies in offering e-waste collection to its tenants. SD Storage will offer e-waste collection at six locations: Escondido, National City, North San Marcos, Pacific Beach, South San Marcos, and Vista.

Self storage facilities are a particularly apt place to offer e-waste recycling, because, according to researchers, almost three quarters of all obsolete electronic devices in the United States are currently being kept in storage. Many people are not certain what to do with e-waste, knowing it can be recycled but not sure where to take it for recycling. E-waste recycling is important for the environment because the heavy metals in electronics can otherwise contaminate landfills and eventually degrade and trickle into community water supplies.

SD Storage will partner with GreenSpot DropOff for its e-waste collection effort.

A complete list of California e-waste recycling sites can be found at CalRecycle.

E-waste includes the following types of items:

  • cell phones, “smart” phones, pagers, and PDAs
  • computer CPUs, monitors, and printers
  • laptop computers
  • flatscreen monitors
  • televisions (including flatscreen plasma and LCD televisions)
  • telephones and answering machines
  • photocopiers, fax machines, and scanners
  • VCRs and DVD players
  • video game consoles
  • stereos, radios, and MP3 players
  • computer software CDs and disks

Even in situations where e-waste collection is available, it is preferable to reuse electronic equipment, or to give it to a charity that can use it, than to send it to be recycled. Electronic items can always be recycled later, after they have been used as long as possible.

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