Santa and Mrs. Claus are Coming to Town

Posted on Nov 30 2012 - 2:18pm by Tony Gonzalez

Santa is really, really busy on Christmas Eve. It’s estimated that there are just over 526,000,000 kids under the age of 14 around the world. For Santa to deliver his presents to all of those children, he has to visit almost 22 million per hour. That means he has to visit 356,000 kids every minute and a mere 6,100 a second. Pretty easy, don’t you think? No?

The folks at Profile Self-Storage in Hooksett, New Hampshire know how busy Santa is – both on Christmas Eve and in the preceding weeks.  To help Santa out, they are holding their 13th annual workshop. The workshop will be held on December 5, 6, 7, and 8th at Profile Self Storage at 180 Londonderry Turnpike in Hooksett, NH. It will be from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. and cookies will be served at this free activity.

There will be three work stations where adults can put together cars, planes, or other toys. There will be a table where they can make wooden Christmas ornaments that children can paint. Also, children who help make a toy to be given away will be able to take a toy home for themselves.

Thirteen years ago when the first Santa’s Workshop was held, 125 children came. Now, about 700 children come each year. Because of this increase of children, Santa has enlisted the help of 40 elves that will be there during the workshop.

However, toys are made all year long. A toy maker in Goffstown, one in Concord, people from a local church, and even a helper in Arkansas make toys for the workshop. (The one in Arkansas sends almost 100 toys every year.) There are about 2,000 toys a year that gets made and given away.

The workshop started out in Dick Marshall’s garage. As the number of visitors grew, the Scarpettis, who are the owners of Profile Self Storage, offered to host the workshop. The Scarpettis help make the workshop a success by doing things such as directing traffic, taking pictures of children sitting on Santa’s lap, and e-mailing the photo to the parents.

Santa has also held a special workshop for children with Down syndrome. Having a separate night makes it easier for Santa to spend time with these special needs children. Last year, Miss New Hampshire and Miss Teen New Hampshire visited the workshop and spent time playing and talking with the children.

Santa (who strongly resembles Dick Marshall) has enlisted his own family to help with the workshop. Even 5 of his grandchildren help out. His thirteen-year-old granddaughter felt lucky to be a part of the workshop, making toys to give away, and lucky to spend time with the special needs children. When his helpers feel honored to be a part of service and giving, Santa’s heart is full of gratitude, too. It makes all of the work and effort worthwhile.

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