Reybold Self Storage Upgrades Its Software System

Posted on Dec 26 2012 - 10:01am by Holly Robinson

In 1936, Alan Turing developed the “Turing machine” — what is now considered the first electronic digital computer. Virtually, anyone today who uses a keyboard, a word processing program, or a host of other software applications is using a computer that can trace its lineage back to the Turing machine.

Computers and software programs have improved business processes and made things much easier for the owners to run their businesses. Reybold Self Storage is one such business that is now using a new software system to improve their business. They recently converted from their antiquated legacy management software systems and implemented new software to manage all of their self storage facilities. After several months of searching for the right fit, they selected E-SoftSys.

E-SoftSys is a comprehensive management software for single and multiple self storage facility businesses. It has a customer relationship management module that is designed specifically for the self storage industry. It is integrated with phone systems and call center systems. It also has a kiosk module, INSOMNIAC, that allows prospective or existing customers to reserve or rent units and to make payments online.

“As we converted each site, we had unlimited access to a team of implementation specialists and support analysts who promptly answered every question and solved every conversion related issue in a timely manner,” Joel Michalec, IT Operations Specialist with Reybold Self Storage, said. “The Self Storage Manager support is unlike anything we have experienced in the past. No matter when we need them 24/7, they are there. The patience and knowledge of everyone involved has gone above and beyond and we anticipate a long-standing relationship with E-SoftSys.”

“We welcome Reybold Self Storage to our growing base of happy customers worldwide,” said Kat Shenoy, President and CEO of E-SoftSys. “2012 has been a good year for E-SoftSys with several single and multi-facility operators converting to Self Storage Manager. Our expertise in incorporating the latest technology into our software, excellent customer support, well defined conversion methodology and our ability to provide cost effective solutions is making it easier for single and multi-facility operators to replace their legacy systems with Self Storage Manager. We will continue to enhance our Self Storage Manager and e-CRM applications based on customer feedback and continue to provide the best possible services to our customers.”

Reybold Self Storage is part of the Reybold Group, which is a full service real estate developer and general contractor. They have 8 self storage facilities in Delaware and each facility is locally owned and operated.

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