Relationships Make the Difference in Self Storage

Posted on Apr 28 2011 - 7:53pm by Winnie Hsiu

Right about now as thousands of bright eyed young adults are looking to graduate college and join the working world, the same line is being heard over and over again: It’s not what you know, but who you know. This is not meant to discount the need for knowledge in your chosen field, but to illustrate the importance for building and nurturing relationships as a means to success in the working world.

The same is true on a larger scale in the business world as well. A company, like a self storage facility, can thrive or falter depending on how well it builds relationships with the community as well as other business entities. This especially helps the self storage industry where you don’t really see a lot of television commercials.

There are numerous things that a self storage company can do to in order to build relationships. is an effort on behalf of the industry as a whole to reach out and develop a better relationship with self storage customers as a whole. People in need of a storage unit By making it easier for to not only find one in the area they need, but then also reserve it.

Another common way in which many self storage companies build relationships within their community is by reaching out to people in need of assistance. Several get involved with a number of charities every year either through active participation or through financial support. For example, StorageMart (in Missouri) is helping the Shoeman Water Projects break the world record for longest continuous shoe train. All the shoes will eventually go to other markets for sale and the funds used to provide clean water in impoverished areas of the world.

In some case they don’t wait to for people to go to a charity to help; they just offer it outright. The U-Haul Company has been offering people that have fallen victim to hard times due to any of a number of natural causes (floods, tornadoes, etc.). People have been able to  use self storage units for free for up to a month as they try to get their lives together and want to keep what they still have safe.

Some self storage facilities, like E-Z Mini Storage in Kentucky, have established business relationships that make their customers lives a lot easier. One of the problems that most self storage customers have is getting their stuff to the storage facility. To make it easier on their customers, E-Z Mini Storage developed a relationship with U-Haul so that customers can have easy access to moving trucks and equipment.

Supporting sports teams is another popular way to establish a relationship with people. By showing your affiliation with local sports teams, people are given the chance to draw a correlation between your self storage facility thanks to the relationship established with their favorite team. SmartShop Self Storage recently became the presenting sponsor for the 2011 Team Mountain Khakis (TMK) cycling team with that exact notion in mind.

By building relationships with things like charities, sports teams, and the reservations site, self storage companies succeed in establishing the type of relationship that matters most—between them and prospective customers.

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