Recognition Can Go a Long Way in the Self Storage Industry

Everyone likes to get an award. It’s why participation ribbons are handed out in Little League. But in the self storage industry, awards serve a dual purpose.

Being recognized for being among the best at what you do is uplifting. The boost in morale will help encourage employees to continue to go above and beyond, which will of course mean the product they turn out will be as good as it can be.

When you become an “award-winner,” people look at you differently. When a facility wins an award for the third, fourth, or fifth time in a row, people have no choice but to see it in a positive light.

Extra Space Storage knows what this is like. For the third year in a row, Extra Space was named the Best Third-Party Management Company by Inside Self Storage.

“We are pleased to be recognized as the Best Third-Party Management Company by Inside Self Storage for the third straight year,” said Noah Springer, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, in a press release. “It speaks to the quality and consistency of the experience we deliver to our third-party owners. This reputation has led to continued growth of our management portfolio, making Extra Space Storage the industry leader in self-storage management.”

Imagine you have a self storage facility or two that you need someone else to manage. Do you want to go with a company that may have just had their best year ever, but otherwise does not have a good track record? Or do you want to go with a company with a lengthy track record for excellence?

Extra Space is not the only self storage company that understands this concept and benefits from it. Amazing Spaces, a self storage company based in the Houston, Texas area, has long been recognized as the best self storage facility in its area.

“Our entire Amazing Spaces team appreciates our wonderful, loyal customers at our Woodlands location, and we thank them for voting us Best in The Woodlands for the fourth year in a row!” said Joe Ordanes, the manager of the Amazing Spaces facility in the Woodlands, via a press release. “We are honored to be a part of such a friendly and thriving community here in The Woodlands, and winning this award year over year tells us that our dedication to high quality and professional service is appreciated and valued in The Woodlands area.”

Amazing Spaces was recently named the best self storage facility in the Woodlands for a fifth consecutive year.



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