Real Estate No Longer Just Land for Self Storage Facilities

Posted on Aug 31 2011 - 4:46pm by Winnie Hsiu

In a business like the self storage industry there is one thing that every facility absolutely cannot do without—space. After all, that is essentially what people are going to self storage facilities for; they ran out of space at home or work. However, it is not just space in the physical sense that self storage facilities are concerned with.

Space in the World Wide Web can be almost as important to a self storage facility’s success as the physical space that the business is occupying. The reason behind that logic is simple. It does not matter how many self storage units a facility has and how great they are, if no one knows about it or can’t find it the units will remain empty.

That is where the World Wide Web comes into play.

Gone are the days where people will go look up a business in the Yellow Pages. People now are more likely to jump online and look for what they need. Computers are affordable enough for most people to own one. Too many cell phones now come equipped with internet access as well.

Just throwing out search terms is not always going to do the trick though. Search for ‘self storage’ on Google and you’ll get back over 50,000,000 results. A search for simply ‘storage’ returns over one billion.

What people need is a virtual form of yellow pages; an online directory. For the self storage industry, is working to fill that need. 

Since forming back in 2004, has grown to include over 18,000 self storage facilities across the United States providing them with a simple and effective online presence. However, just like it is important for self storage facilities to cover as much virtual real estate as they can, the same is true for

In order to do just that, and provide members with the opportunity to increase their online presence exponentially, they have formed the Self Storage Network. The network provides members the chance to be found on hundreds of partner web sites, all related to the self storage industry.

“We were pleasantly surprised at how many members wanted to join immediately. The network has generated more and more rentals for the participating members and, I guess it is no surprise that, as a result more and more members have been jumping on board as quickly as they can,” said Nick Bilava, Director of Sales and Marketing at launched in March 2011 as one of the first to join the network. Also belonging to the network is another site with a commonly used term when it comes to self storage—

Besides joining networks like, companies can increase their online presence through proper use of the many social media outlets now available as well as by having an effective and easy to find website.

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