Ready to Make Money in the Self Storage Industry But Don’t Know How?

Posted on Jan 27 2014 - 11:20pm by Tony Gonzalez

When you hear about the billions that Mark Zuckerberg makes through Facebook it is hard not to think,”Man, if only I could come up with something like that. I just don’t know how.” Then you see stories about self storage facilities selling for over a million dollars, and think the same thing. If only I knew how to get in to the self storage industry…

You could go to college and get a business degree, but that would take years. There is another option; one that is much shorter too. You could attend one of the Self Storage Academies put on by

By attending what is called the Self Storage Academy interested investors and entrepreneurs can learn in just three short days how to successfully invest in the self storage industry by teaching them how to find a facility, evaluate it, negotiate a deal, and than manage the facility after the purchase is made.

Folks that are interested in learning can attend the next Academy in Indianapolis in early March.

“Our Spring event is going to be huge as the heightened interest in Self Storage investing and wholesaling in this economy,” says Scott Meyers, owner and founder of “We have many exciting speakers and topics with a focus on today’s strategies for acquiring and financing existing facilities complete with a luxury bus tour and wine tasting at one of our premier facilities.”

With the frequency that self storage facilities seem to be sold over the last couple years it was only a matter of time before more people became interested in getting in to the business. It was also just a matter of time before teaching people how to invest became a business as well.

Self Storage Facility Management, much like, holds seminars in order to teach people how to successfully enter the self storage industry. Kevin Rollings, the owner of SSFM, held a workshop last October.

“There are so many options available for people to learn the business, but we offer honest, down-to-earth and an ‘in the trenches’ learning experience because I do this job daily at my facilities.”

Is there really money to be made in the self storage? With one in ever ten households in the United States renting at least one self storage unit and the occupancy level of the industry reaching right around 90 percent there is definitely still a demand for more space.

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