Protection from all Things Dangerous Important in the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Jun 25 2012 - 6:13pm by Holly Robinson

There is one thing that every person that has ever thought about making use of a self storage unit has been concerned about. They are always worried about whether or not their belongings are going to be protected while they are at the self storage facility, and not just from criminals. Weather can do a lot of damage too.

The need for security is evident. Criminals know that people value what they put inside their self storage units. Shows like Storage Wars and Auction Hunters only add fuel to any speculation of the possible needle in a haystack that could be found by the doors at a self storage facility. 

Facilities are all well aware of this and have taken the measures that they think are necessary to protect their tenants from wayward criminals. Those measures are little help against another potentially damaging force—Mother Nature.

When the modern industry was first developed back in the West Texas town of Odessa back in the 1960s there was not much concern about weather; the idea centered around providing people with the space they needed that they didn’t have at home or work. 

Over time it was discovered that the weather could do some pretty serious damage to things left in a self storage unit. The damage that extreme heats and colds could do led to the development of climate controlled units, now a staple of the industry. 

Climate controlled units helped protect from heat and cold, but facilities also had to worry about other forces of nature like rain, snow, hail, and so much more. If other buildings in the area catch fire is the facility going to be in danger? Is it in an area known for tornadoes? If flooding occurs will the facility be under water?

It is hard to plan for every possible act of God, but facilities can be prepared as much as possible through choosing the right location and proper construction. Such was the case in June when the Colorado Springs area was hit with a hailstorm and more recently a fire.

Chelton Self Storage, a relatively new facility in southern Colorado Springs, was proud that they were able to announce after the hail and fire that no storage units suffered any damage. 

Considering the severity of the hail storm, that is quite an accomplishment. For about three hours golf-ball sized hail peppered the area causing flash floods across the city. Around 40 people had to be rescued and 911 reported fielding over 600 calls during the storm.

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