Potential Mini-Storage Facility Gets Approval from Planning Commission

Posted on Oct 24 2013 - 9:58pm by Tony Gonzalez

Monday night, the New Kent County Planning Commission (in Virginia) approved to forward a conditional use permit (CUP) for a mini-storage facility to the Board of Supervisors. Monte Brown was the person applying for the CUP. The planning commission voted 9-0 in favor of the permit.

Even though the vote was unanimous, some commissioners expressed some concerns. One concern was about how the property was an eyesore. In a meeting last month, Brown indicated that he would clean up the property and remove a car, debris, and other large items on the property. The commissioners noted that Brown hadn’t done anything yet. Brown said that he would follow through and clean up the property.

One commissioner indicated that another concern was whether or not the property would turn into a nice facility. He felt that since the property was on a major road that it would be on prominent display.  Because of the location, he thought that the facility needed to be very well kept.

However, the county attorney reminded the commissioners that Brown was applying for a CUP. He told them that Brown was asking for permission of ‘use’ of the land so that he could build a ministorage facility. The approval for the use of the property doesn’t have anything to do with the development of the land or the building.

Brown plans on building a mini-storage facility with 40 units on the four-acre piece of commercially zoned property. Two buildings are already on the property. They had previously been used for short-term residential rental and store frontage. He also indicated that he planned on clearing an undeveloped 2.75-acre parcel of land.

He said that the work would be done in three phases. The first phase would consist of gutting the two-story building and adding 40 units on the west side of the building and a management office on the east side. The second building, which is a single-story building, would also be gutted and have individual units built in it.

In phase two, the undeveloped land would be developed as storage for trailers, campers, RVs, and boats. He indicated that even though the property has capacity to hold 300 units that he only intended to build 150.

The third phase would be to build additional units as the need arises.

The next step for Brown will be for the Board of Supervisors to review the CUP application. They will do it at their next meeting that will be held on November 13.

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