PhoneSmart Succeeds in Raising Over $1000 With ‘Toes for a Kure’

Posted on Apr 15 2014 - 11:45pm by Winnie Hsiu

In a perfect world there would be no need for donation drives to help raise money so researchers can continue working to find cures for deadly diseases. Our world is far from perfect though. So it’s good that there are different organizations like PhoneSmart, a company that offers off-site sales support service for self storage facilities.

Many members of the self storage industry have raised money to aid cancer research. Much of it goes to Kure It, a non-for-profit organization founded by a veteran of the self storage industry—Barry Hoeven– that raises money for research in to kidney cancer and other under-funded cancers.

During two recent trade shows– the Self Storage Association Spring Conference in Atlanta (March 2-4) and the Inside Self Storage World Expo in Las Vegas (March 31-April 2)—PhoneSmart came up with a rather unique way of raising money. They encouraged people to visit the booth wearing some sort of open toe foot wear. For every person that did the company pledged to donate $10 to Kure It.

“Statistics say one in three people will be faced with some form of cancer during their lifetime,” Tron Jordheim, PhoneSmart Director of Operations said. “Better, more easily accessible treatments need to be made available. With Toes for a Kure, we wanted to have a bit of the fun at the trade shows while highlighting all the great work Barry Hoeven and Kure It is doing.”

The inspiration came from the founder of Kure It, Barry Hoeven. As part of his battle against kidney cancer he has to wear open toed shoes. If he wears regular shoes it causes him discomfort. So when you see him in business attire he will probably be wearing sandals or flip flops.

By time the second conference was over the company raised $1100.

PhoneSmart has held other fundraisers in the past to raise money for Kure It. In 2012 they pledged to donate a quarter for every call that came in during the month of August. When the month ended the company had fielded over 6000 calls and donated $1578.75.

“PhoneSmart has historically led the way for the self storage industry’s support of Kure It,” said Kure It founder Barry Hoeven. “They never miss an opportunity to promote our mission to their clients and colleagues, and the donation drive is another example of their commitment to giving back. By raising over $1,500, one quarter at a time, they have demonstrated that every penny counts in the fight against cancer.”

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