PhoneSmart Holds a “Toes for a Kure” Fundraiser

Posted on Feb 19 2014 - 10:19pm by Winnie Hsiu

They come in red, black, yellow, orange, and green. They are made out of plastic, gel, rubber, foam, leather, and suede. Some are decorated with jewels, flowers, bows, or camouflage material. What are they? Flip-flops. And flip flops will be used to further cancer research.

How? you ask. By being part of a little bit of fun at the Self Storage Association Conference that is coming up in March and will be held at the Hilton Atlanta Downtown in Atlanta, Georgia.

The fundraiser, called “Toes for a Kure,” will be sponsored by PhoneSmart. Proceeds that they make from the fundraiser will be donated to Kure It Cancer Research. They came up this innovative idea because of Barry Hoeven’s personal experience with cancer. (Hoeven is the founder of Kure It Cancer Research.)

Hoeven is battling cancer. In 1998 while on a family vacation, he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. He learned that there was a big disconnect between the number of people with kidney cancer and the amount of funding and research being done to find a cure. So, he founded Kure It in an effort to get funding for the research.

 One of Hoeven’s side effects from battling cancer is that wearing closed-toe shoes is very uncomfortable. Because of this, he often wears flip-flops or sandals. Because he’s a flip-flop-wearing-man and because of his efforts to help fund cancer research, PhoneSmart came up with idea for the “Toes for a Kure” competition.

For each person wearing open-toe shoes, flip-flops, or sandals and who stops by the PhoneSmart booth at the upcoming Self Storage Association conference in Atlanta or the Inside Self Storage World Expo in Las Vegas, Phone Smart will donate $10 to Kure It. (This competition is the latest undertaking in a long-standing relationship between PhoneSmart and Kure It.)

The Self Storage Association conference in Atlanta runs from March 2 through March 4. The World Expo in Las Vegas is March 31 through April 2.

PhoneSmart is an off-site sales center answering self storage inquiries for more than 100 client companies in North America. Founded in 2000, it serves its parent company, StorageMart and their other clients by offering off-site sales support. They believe that good customer relations are key to sales results and their goal is to convert phone calls into clients.

If you plan on going to the Spring Conference and Tradeshow and the World Expo, don your flip-flops and head on over to the PhoneSmart booth. Your feet will be happy for the freedom from closed-toe shoes and Kure It will appreciate the financial donation.
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