PhoneSmart Highlights New Pocket-Sized Kiosk Technology for Self Storage Industry

Posted on Jan 28 2011 - 9:14am by John Stevens

Imagine potential customers being able to go directly to your website or online bill-pay site or even be able to dial up your self storage facility or receive a text message all with one single step using their smartphones. It’s a new innovation that is picking up momentum in the self storage industry, particularly due to PhoneSmart, a marketing company for rental property owners that recently created an entire website showcasing this new technology carrying the message, “You have a self storage kiosk in your pocket.”

What are known as QR codes (quick read codes) are being used by other industries, popping up all over the country on television commercials, in magazines, on billboards and even in Times Square. But now the self storage industry is jumping on board, advertising QR codes for print campaigns by hanging up signs where potential customers might linger: local grocery stores, moving businesses, community centers. Self Storage owners can also print the codes on signs within their offices, allowing customers to scan the code into their smartphones to quickly pay rent, reserve units, rent units or access account information. It’s all about the ease of making a sale.

Marketing is key and people are always looking for quicker, easier ways to get what they need, especially in a society where new and intriguing technology gets immediate attention. The QR code technology works like a virtual self-service kiosk for self storage customers and have nominal start-up costs. Recent advancements in smartphone, tablet technology and website development now allow self storage customers to access virtual services to take payments, reserve units and rent space online all via their mobile devices at anytime and anyplace. And it doesn’t matter if the office is open or closed.QR code reader applications work efficiently whether the user has an iPhone, Android platform smartphone, Blackberry, or other smartphone.

PhoneSmart, a leader in the sales and marketing fields with an emphasis on rental-based customers like self storage, has set up a website with information about using QR codes to create a virtual self storage, self-service kiosk. As an alternative to purchasing a physical kiosk which can costs $10,000 to $50,000, this QR code technology can be achieved by spending $10 to $50 on signs advertising QR codes. The PhoneSmart website for this new technology allows you to watch a QR code demo.

The website states: “QR codes are essentially barcodes that any smartphone can read. Generating a free QR code and direct it to any webpage, phone number or text/SMS generator. Send customers exactly where you want them. QR codes shorten your sales funnel and increase your conversions.”

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