People in UK Taking Self Storage Personally

Posted on Feb 23 2012 - 9:06pm by Holly Robinson

The United States is by far the leader when it comes to the self storage industry. The vast majority practically five of every six self storage facilities in the work lie within the borders of the U.S. While the industry may be focused within the U.S., it is people in the UK that have managed to put a very personal spin on the concept.

Self storage facilities around the world have seen a boast due to the tough economic conditions gripping most communities. Many people are in need of space for a variety of reasons. With the industry still in the infant stages in the UK, one entrepreneur found a rather unique way to meet people’s self storage needs.

A new self storage service was recently launched in the UK, What it does is match people who are in need of extra storage space with those that have it—in their homes.

“Back in July 2010 a neighbor asked if she could store her children’s bikes in our garage whilst her home was being renovated…if our garage was suitable then why not other private spaces? It was really the light bulb moment that gave birth to”

With their being only about 750 primary self storage facilities in a country of more than 62 million it is safe to say that the industry may need a little help meeting the demand. What essentially does is turn people who want to into one-unit self storage facilities. In the process, people are able to supplement their income just by letting someone store some things at their homes.

This is not the only way in which the self storage industry in the UK has been helping people make a little extra money on the side. In the last few months there have been several stories in the media on how citizens in London are looking to make a good amount of money during the Olympics and possibly some other major events by renting out space in their homes to visitors. While it may not be the ideal vacation destination for some it is preferable over the inflated rates many hotels are charging.

To accommodate these people and create sufficient space in their homes, many people have been cleaning out their spare rooms and garages, and placing those things in a local self storage facility. Many are paying the short term rates to rent a self storage unit so that they can make over 1000 pounds (in some cases) renting out their spare room for a few days.

Whether it’s through creating the supply to meet the demand for self storage or using self storage to create space at home, the self storage industry is helping people in the UK money!

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