OrangeBox in Florida Provides Summer Storage for College Students

Posted on Jul 4 2012 - 10:55am by Tony Gonzalez

Happy 4th of July! I hope your holiday activities are joyous and safe as you celebrate the founding of the United States of America.

One of the privileges of living in the United States is that if a person gets an idea for a business, that person can create it, own it, and manage it – all to his or her personal wishes. That’s the basis for capitalism: private ownership of companies, goods, and/or services.

And D.J. Thiele, Chad Kodak, and Dan O’Brian are taking advantage of that ability to create and own their own business. They are the co-founders and co-owners of OrangeBox Florida, a self storage solution whose target customers are college students.

Thiele, Kodak, and O’Brian are not thinking outside of the box. They are rethinking the box – the storage box and how it best serves college students. At the end of the school year, college students, especially those who have lived in the dorms, are faced with what to do with their belongings over the summer. Do they pack them up and haul them back home only to have to box them back up and haul them back to school in a couple of months? Do they find a local place to store them?

Whatever their decision, students start collecting boxes – from the grocery store or the copy center on campus that has empty boxes that held reams of copy paper. The boxes that students collect are typically in various sizes with various degrees of durability. That’s where the owners of OrangeBox got their idea for their business.

Based in Naples and Fort Meyers, Florida, OrangeBox has uniform-sized boxes. This makes stacking and storing the boxes extremely easy. The boxes are light-weight yet built tough. They won’t collapse when other boxes are placed on top of them.

Using OrangeBox for storage is very simple. Students simply sign up and pay. OrangeBox drops off 2 of their super boxes. The student packs them and then OrangeBox picks them up and stores them over the summer. They deliver the boxes back to the college student with school starts in the fall.

With OrangeBox, college students do not have to rent a truck. They do not need to pay additionally for storage space. (Storage is included in the price.) Parents don’t have to drive hundreds (or even thousands) of miles to where their student is to help their student pack up their belongings and bring them home. Nor do parents have to drive those hundreds of miles back to school with all of their student’s belongings. Everything is safely and securely stored in climate controlled OrangeBox facilities.

OrangeBox currently serves students at Florida Gulf Coast University, Florida Southern College, Southeastern University, University of Miami, University of South Florida, University of Tapa, and Florida Institute of Technology.

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