Optimize Your Self Storage YouTube Video

Posted on Dec 31 2012 - 11:24am by Holly Robinson

The world has changed over the last decade. Because of these changes, the usual marketing methods such as newspaper, TV, and yellow page ads are not as effective as they once were. Because of these changing times, marketing strategies need to change, too. Businesses need to market where their prospective customers are – and that is online.

YouTube is the second largest source of online traffic. Having a video clip on YouTube is one of the best ways to get your self storage business in front of hundreds of thousands of potential customers.

This article is the last in the series about using YouTube videos to promote your business. It focuses on what you can do to make sure that those potential customers can find your videos.

When you upload a video to YouTube, there is a description area for the video. Make sure that this description is clear, short, and to the point. Make sure you include your company’s name and the URL to your website. Put the URL at the beginning of the description. Usually only the first line of the description is seen unless viewers click to read more.

In the box for tags, insert keywords that you think prospective customers will use when searching for a self storage facility. Include words such as self storage (both with and without a hyphen), rent, unit, storage, and store. Be sure to include the city and state where your facilities are located. Many customers will use a search term  like ‘self storage in Salt Lake City, Utah.’ Make sure you include both the upper and lower case version of your city and state. Also, put quotation marks around each keyword: “self storage” “salt lake” “utah.”

Captions and subtitles are important is search rankings. Choose your words wisely and make sure that you use ones that best describe the video and your self storage business. Include the word ‘video’ at the end of the title.

Choose themes and colors that are similar to your website. This helps viewers visually recognize your brand, logo, and website.

Your video will have a thumbnail picture that is seen before the video starts playing. This thumbnail is taken from your video. Be sure to select something that is interesting or that stands out. This is the first thing that viewers see so you want to make a good first impression.

Always put a link to your website in your video. This makes it very easy for prospective customers to get to your site. You can’t drive traffic to your website (and rent a storage unit from you) if people don’t know the URL for your website.

Include a call to action at the end of your video. It could be as simple as asking viewers to click on the ‘like’ button for the video or to rate the video. It could ask them to visit your website, read your blog (if your website includes a blog), or contact you for more information. You could direct them to an online coupon or special deal for first time renters.

Make sure that the video is ‘public’ and not private. Allow comments, comment voting, ratings, and video responses.

Last, but not least, embed the videos on your company website. If you make several videos, post them one at a time over several weeks. Put the new one on the main page. Rotate the older videos to the ‘About’ page.

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