Online Marketing the Wave of the Future for the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Jan 16 2014 - 11:15pm by Tony Gonzalez

It has been a couple decades since Madonna sang the classic tune Material Girl, and it is safe to say that the song still rings true today for many. However, should she want to redo it and update it to be more fitting modern times she would need to switch the title from Material Girl to Virtual Girl. 

While the world is still material it is even more of a virtual one now. Everything and anything can be done online—shopping, movies, television, even dating! When people need something or wonder about anything they don’t head to the library anymore. They go to the internet.

With that in mind it only makes sense for businesses like the self storage industry to work more and more at expanding their online presence and marketing efforts on the World Wide Web.

Having a website, mobile site, and social media presence is a good start for self storage facilities. If people use the yellow pages to look for a business they use the website more than the actual book nowadays. With technology making the internet accessible on the go via various mobile devices it helps to have a mobile version of the site as well to give people easier access on the go.

Secure Self Storage revamped their mobile website last June and could not be happier that they did:

“Future of search is on mobile and we weren’t happy with our mobile presence. We wanted to redesign our mobile site to give it app-like feel and at the same time make it easier for our customers to contact us. With our extensive efforts on web marketing we are already seeing 40% growth in new business compare to the last year…”

Of course just having a presence is step one. What you do with can mean the difference between existing and thriving as a business. That all depends on what sort of online marketing strategy you develop.

Marketing online can be just as precarious as in the real world so it is a good thing there are professionals ready, willing, and able to help. For example, the people at—a popular self storage aggregator—are offering various online marketing packages to help self storage facilities make the most of their online presence.

The site already does some marketing for member facilities just for signing up, but they also offer a couple of packages depending on how aggressive you want to be.



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