Holds a Box in Box Activity for Girl Scouts

Posted on Sep 27 2013 - 8:04pm by Holly Robinson

When I was growing up, my father was a Scoutmaster for a Boy Scouts of America troop. I memorized the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. These memories came back to me as I learned about the family events that and the Girl Scout Council of Tropical Florida, Inc. are sponsoring. participated in the family event that the Tropical Florida Girls Scouts held on September 7 in Miami Lakes and on September 21 on Scout Key in the Florida Keys. sponsored the Box in a Box activity. This activity was where participants tried to pack a large box using a variety of smaller, colored boxes and cylinder shapes. They had to use at least one color box from each of the different eight colors.

This Tetris-type puzzle required participants to use their spatial reasoning skills. Everyone – girls, boys, and adults – enjoyed this activity. (This activity required the same type of skills that self storage customers need when they are trying to figure out how to organize their storage unit and how many items will fit in it.

“It was amazing to see the children start to put all the boxes in the larger box and realize it wasn’t going to work, and take them out and mentally trying to picture how to get them to fit. You really were able to see them thinking and measuring the boxes, trying over and over to make it work,” commented Tony Prada, COO of

Many jobs require spatial reasoning skills – engineering, architecture, computer science, and physicists. realizes that their Box in a Box activity is a way to increase interest in STEM fields. (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Because a low percentage of girls end up going into a career in the STEM field, feels compelled to do their part in encouraging girls to develop their interest and skill levels in those areas. will also hold their Box activity tomorrow, September 28, 2013 in Miami. It will be held on 11347 SW 160 Street from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. This even is free to the pubic and will also include many more fun activities. The even is open to the public. was established just this year. 
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