Olympic Competition Nothing New to the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Sep 25 2012 - 9:24pm by Tony Gonzalez

What do McKayla Maroney, Kerri Walsh Jennings, Ryan Lochte, Kobe Bryant, and the self storage industry have in common? Stumped? It’s not as hard as you might think. Here’s a hint—it’s actually exactly what you think it is.

They are all involved in Olympic competition.

The aforementioned athletes were all top competitors in the recent Summer Olympics in London. While the self storage industry did not compete in the Summer Olympics, it has used the Olympics and Olympic-style competition in many of the things that it does.

One thing that many members in the self storage industry are known for is their generosity. Many get involved in all sorts of charities throughout the year. Last summer there were a few that got involved with the Special Olympics.

The Lawa‘i Cannery Self Storage and Warehouse in beautiful Kalaheo, Hawaii, held a garage sale in July. Tenants and local vendors can pay a small registration fee to reserve their space for the sale. All the registration fees collected were then donated to the local chapter of the Special Olympics.

“We are so happy to announce that Special Olympics Kaua‘i has been selected as this month’s beneficiary for the Lawa‘i Cannery Self Storage Garage Sale,” said a representative from Lawa’I Cannery Self Storage.

Sometimes the self storage industry takes the idea of Olympic competition literally too. At their upcoming state conference October 25 and 26, the California Self Storage Association will be engaging participants in the Storage Olympics. 

Luckily they will not have to play the Argentinean basketball team, swim, or play beach volleyball. Instead they will be competing in a series of competitions inspired from the popular game show “Minute to Win It” on NBC. 

The competition will take place during the Thursday evening cocktail reception  and will have people doing such thins as bounce pencils off a table into a glass, balance eggs on footballs, stack cups, shoot mini basketballs and much, much more.

While part of the idea is to get people engaged with each other at the conference in a relaxed setting, just like many things within the self storage industry, they are also looking to make a donation to charity as well. Proceeds collected from participants will be donated to Kure It for Cancer Research, a non-for-profit geared towards raising money for cancer research.

The self storage industry did actually have something in common with the Kobe Bryant, Ryan Lochte and company. In order to make a little cash while the Olympics were in town many people cleared space in their homes and rented it out to visitors. To do so they ended up moving things into a self storage unit at least for the duration of the Olympics.

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