Notoriety Goes Over Well in the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Jul 18 2013 - 10:35pm by Winnie Hsiu

Everyone likes to get noticed. It’s only natural. Whether it is through recognition for a job well done, being on a reality television show or by running onto the field during the MLB All-Star Game—it’s all about getting noticed. When a business like the self storage industry gets noticed for the right reasons it can give the company a pretty good boost.

Take Access Self Storage in the Dallas, Texas, area for example. For years the company has been the recipient of the Consumer’s Choice Award for business excellence. When consumers see the award it tells them pretty much what they want to know—that the business is one that is going to provide not only a high quality product, but excellent service to boot.

The business award basically serves as the best free advertising a self storage facility or any other company can get.

“We believe it (business awards) helps validate what we do in the company and enhances our ability to keep good people,” Steven Anderson, manager of Devon Health Corporation.

“Used effectively, business awards are yet another sales tool to aid in the close of business,” says Jasper, a former manager for Paula Arnold, owner of SmarterTech Business Systems.

Awards are great, but they are typically only seen by people that are looking for a self storage facility. What about those who are not, but may be in the near future?

That is where things like community events and television come in handy for many self storage facilities. 

Access Self Storage is familiar with reality television and community events. When one of the company’s facilities was featured on an episode of Storage Wars: Texas last year they took the opportunity to celebrate the appearance and do something worthwhile for the community at the same time—a double shot of notoriety!

“We decided we could take a big success for us and use it to help out our community,” Doug Hunt, the owner of Access Self Storage, recalls.

The night the episode aired the company hosted a couple of Neighborhood Watch parties—with Storage Wars auctioneer Walt Cade in attendance– and invited the community to attend. Those that did were asked to bring a toy. For every toy that was donated Access Self Storage donated $5. All the proceeds and toys were then donated to the Lancaster Outreach Center.

Whether it is due to award winning recognition, community events, and/or reality television appearances it only adds to the notoriety of the business and in the end to the company’s bottom line.

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