Nothing Like Kick-Starting a Good Self Storage Story

Posted on Sep 27 2013 - 10:51pm by John Stevens

At one time the self storage industry was good for one thing—storing whatever tenants needed to store. In recent years that purpose has expanded. Now the self storage industry has become one of the most reliable investments on the market. It has spawned a number of reality television shows and has even played a major role in a movie—that was aptly named Self Storage.

It now appears that the industry has spawned something else—a sci-fi/comedy comic book!

The self storage industry is meant to provide people and businesses with something they need—space. Not just any space, but space that is sorely needed for things that people just can’t stand to get rid of or need stored somewhere other than where they are.

Something like evidence of alien life?

You would think that would be something that the government (or whoever has said proof in its possession) would want to keep close. However, it seems that the folks behind Area 51 did not. They stored some things in a nearby self storage unit. 

What do you know, but someone forgot to pay the bill and the unit was sold at auction! Sure enough, the government needs something that was in the unit in order to stop an alien invasion.

That’s the idea behind UNIT 44, a four issue miniseries from the minds of Wes Locher and Eduardo Jimenez. 

“I’ve written comics in a lot of different genres, but I really wanted do something fun,” said Locher. “I think the medium needs more of that.”

In order to get the project done the duo took to the crowd-sourcing website where they asked people to invest any amount up to $2000 so that they could make the project happen. They had pretty good luck. Within 24 hours they raised over half of the amount. They ended up raising over $2700 from 105 backers.

“I got to write a funny story about Area 51, aliens, and government conspiracies and now, people are paying to read it,” said Locher. “I need a time machine so I can go high five 14-year-old me.”

While it is definitely the most humorous self-storage related project on it is not the only one. There is another project on the site, Self Storage (The Movie). It is a short film from the creative mind of David Byars. 

Just like Locher, he too received more funding than he requested ($5462; he asked for $5000).

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