Nothing Like a Touch of Fame to Put the Spotlight on Self Storage

Posted on May 5 2014 - 11:06pm by Kim Kilpatrick

In the entertainment industry the general perception is there is no such thing as bad press (right Lindsey Lohan?). For entertainers that can be true as the added attention increases the overall fame of the individual even if it is negative. When it comes to the business world—self storage and otherwise—the press is good as is a little fame; just not the negative kind.

Negative press for a self storage facility can be quite damaging to the overall health of the business. Who is going to want to entrust their belongings to a place with security issues? No one! When thefts are reported the facility in question suffers two-fold: (1) one of the most sought after components of a self storage facility—security—is compromised and (2) the ensuing news article gives the facility the wrong kind of fame.

Fame can work in favor of a self storage facility if the right kind can be generated or harnessed appropriately—like that of a self storage industry celebrity like Storage Hunters personality Jesse McClure.

The young bidder from the popular Tru TV show recently stopped his UK Tour to help open the latest Store First facility.

“The opening was well attended by members of the local business community, management and of course eager fans wanting to get a picture taken with Jesse McClure who has become a big hit here in the UK for the TV programme Storage Hunters,” said Tom Roberts of FJP Investment. 

There was some local flavor added to McCure’s appearance by having the Accrington Stanley FC manager accompany him along with the team’s mascot—Box Head.

Other self storage facilities will probably receive a boost when another famous self-storage related celebrity comes to town—former Storage Wars personality Barry Weiss.

After years of being one of the main characters on Storage Wars—the show that made the industry and especially lien auctions a part of pop culture—Weiss is benefitting off his new found fame by branching out and developing a new show.

In Barry’d Treasure he will travel the country looking for antiques and valuable collectibles that he can add to his own collection. Of course he will have to employ some of the skills that helped make him famous on Storage Wars to ensure he gets what he wants.


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