No Need to Go it Alone Where the Self Storage Industry is Concerned

Posted on Sep 28 2012 - 6:56pm by Tony Gonzalez

The concept of working together is one that is common throughout our society. Teachers like students to do group projects. Even individual sports like golf require a team effort to in competitions. Sometimes you’ll find people that will try to go it alone rather than work with the team. That is hardly the case when it comes to the self storage industry.

Teamwork is something that is inherent in almost everything that involves the self storage industry. How often do people move stuff into a self storage unit by themselves? Seldom! People typically try to get friends to help them out. Those that don’t are likely wishing they had!

While it may seem that business operations would not require much teamwork in the self storage industry many facilities operate much more efficiently when they do establish working relationships. 

For example, Hide-Away Storage in Florida recently implemented SiteLink Web Edition Software for its 10 facilities. The software is intended to make the practice of managing self storage facilities an easier and more efficient process.

“We did not want the hassle and expense of maintaining servers to run our property management software anymore,” said Steve Wilson, Managing Partner for Hide-Away Storage. “SiteLink Web Edition allows us to focus on what we do best, serving customers with their storage and moving needs.”

Many self storage facilities do enter into numerous working relationships in order to make the business better. Just like business can run better when you don’t try to go it alone, charitable activities can benefit in much the same way.

Habitat for Humanity is a non-for-profit organization that builds affordable housing for those in need; a task that would be nearly impossible. That is where other organizations like Store Self Storage and Wine Storage in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Store Self Storage will be hosting an event called the ‘Collectible Marketplace,’ From 1-5 PM on Saturday, September 29 (and again on October 27 and November 17) people with an interest in vintage items, collectibles, and antiques can shop among items in hopes of finding the next great treasure.

To help them figure out whether something is an old treasure or just old, Scott Simmons, a local antique expert, will be on hand to help people figure out just that. He will be doing presentations at different times to talk about some of his own finds and will help those in attendance figure out if they have a treasure or just a cute trinket.

Items for these sales are being donated from five local Habitat for Humanity stores with proceeds going directly to them in order to help them fulfill their mission.

So whether its conducting business or helping out your fellow man, there is never a need to go it alone where the self storage industry is concerned!


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