New York Zoning Board Delays Decision on Whether to Allow Pet Grooming Business at Self Storage Facility

Posted on Jun 29 2010 - 9:52am by Tony Gonzalez

You can’t live inside a self storage unit. But can you wash and groom a dog there? Can you run a pet grooming business there? That was the question facing the town board of Wales, New York earlier this month, on June 8. It is not unusual for a small business to be run out of a self storage facility, but a pet dog grooming business might have special needs unlike those of other small businesses. The Wales Town Board discussed the matter for eight minutes and then unanimously decided that they needed more information in order to make an informed decision. They tabled the request pending proof that neighboring property owners had been notified that the self storage business was considering allowing pet groomers, or at least a pet groomer, to move in, and that there might be dogs and pets going in and out of the facility.

The request before the Wales Town Board was filed by Thunder Hill Self Storage, not by the pet grooming business. Thunder Hill would have to amend its special use permit, allowing another business to operate on its premises, if the pet grooming business is to be located there. The dog grooming business would be called Pet Grooming Spa.

Pet Grooming Spa, if approved by the Wales Town Board, would be located inside Thunder Hill Self Storage. No one from Thunder Hill was available to attend the Wales Town Board meeting, but Wales Town Supervisor Rickey A. Venditti spoke on behalf of the self storage business, noting that Pet Grooming Spa would be operated by one person, who would groom between one and six dogs per day.

The main opposition to the pet grooming plan came from local resident Michael Rejman, who raised concerns about possible increased traffic at the location. But Venditti noted that was unlikely, and another local resident, James Mahar, commenting in Sunday’s East Aurora Advertiser, said that “The business is almost across the street from me…They have been doing this business there for quite a while and it has not been disruptive.” (Mahar was referring to the self storage business, not the potential pet grooming business.)

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