New Year’s Resolutions for the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Jan 2 2012 - 7:21pm by Winnie Hsiu

Many people look at the start of the New Year as a new beginning; a chance to stop whatever bad or destructive habits they had gotten into in the last year and start fresh. It is often a time where we find it easier to imagine a greater place in the world for us, as well as a greater us taking a place in the world.  

This transformation starts with the creation of a resolution, a promise to oneself to do something better. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something that was being done wrong or a bad habit; it could be something that we want to be better than it was. Many of the same resolutions that people make, an industry like the self storage industry could make as well:

Some of the most common ones for people involve health such as drinking/smoking less, eating healthier food, losing weight, exercise, and manage stress. 

In a way, the self storage industry has been working on improving its impact on health—the health of the planet, and hence the people on it—and will likely continue to do so in 2012. Several companies have been working diligently towards reducing their carbon foot-print by doing whatever it takes to become more environmentally friendly whether it means install solar panels, recycling, adding insulation, or switching to fluorescent lighting (or any of a number of things).

Going green can also help self storage facilities follow through on another common New Year’s resolution—save money. 

Beyond saving money and improving health people often want to become better educated. An opportunity to do that will be coming up at the Inside Self Storage World Expo in Las Vegas from March 14-16. Among some of the many educational opportunities there will be a panel of self storage professionals from around the world that will share their successes and struggles in their respective countries.

Attendance at an event like the expo (most state associations hold something similar at various times throughout the year) can satisfy another common New Year’s resolution—take a trip. 

Along with doing things to improve health and education, it’s also pretty common to want to do a couple other things, namely make more money and volunteer. Both are something that the self storage industry has become known for. 

According to the 2011 SSA Fact Sheet, the self storage industry made approximately $20 billion in revenue in 2010. Inside Self Storage recently published an article that puts 2011 revenue estimates at $22 billion.

Volunteering has never been something that the self storage industry has shied away from, and will likely continue to excel at in 2012. Many are heavily involved with several local, state, and national based charities throughout the year. 

One great example is the Rent-2-Charity program at Hawaii Self Storage. Whenever new customers sign up they have the option give their first month’s rent to the charity or non-for-profit of their choice. 

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