New Webinar Focuses on Solar Roofing for Self-Storage Facilities

Posted on Jan 29 2010 - 7:03pm by Kim Kilpatrick

MiniCo Publishing has announced that it will be hosting another free webinar next month. The webinar, “Above the Roof, Below the Roof: Making Money on Both Sides,” will be held February 25, at 1 p.m. ET/ 12 p.m. CT/ 11 a.m. MT/ 10 a.m. PT. MiniCo Publishing webinars often explore ways in which new technology might affect the self-storage industry. For example, earlier this month, MiniCo’s webinar focused on how to use social networking sites to support a self-storage business. This month, “Above the Roof, Below the Roof” will focus on another new trend in the self-storage industry: the production of “green” facilities. It will center on the revenue-generating possibilities involved in using the roof of a self-storage facility to collect solar energy and produce electricity. 

“Above the Roof, Below the Roof” will be moderated by the publisher of MiniCo Publishing, Poppy Behrens, and presented by Baja Construction Company owner and CEO, Bob Hayworth. Hayworth built his first mini-storage building in 1976 and has constructed millions of square feet of mini-storage space since then. In 1986, Hayworth started building RV and boat storage facilities as well. In 2007, he built his first solar carport. Baja Construction, which focuses on building carports, RV and boat storage, and mini-storage buildings, is becoming a leader in the push to add solar power-generating technology to new construction.

During the webinar, Hayworth will discuss:

  • how to maximize solar power utility rebates, tax-free grants, and tax savings
  • how to sell electricity to utility companies
  • how to rent shaded parking and storage for boats and RVs  

The webinar is free, but requires registration in advance. 

Like MiniCo Insurance, which is also hosting a webinar series, MiniCo Publishing is a division of MiniCo, Inc. MiniCo Publishing produces the monthly self-storage trade magazine, Mini-Storage Messenger. Topics related to the environmental impact of self-storage have long been covered by Mini-Storage Messenger. Last December, Mini-Storage Messenger announced that it would give a yearly “outstanding green facility” award to self-storage facilities that met certain criteria. To receive an “outstanding green facility” award, a self-storage facility must conserve energy and water by using them efficiently; use innovative, unique, environmentally-friendly building materials; overcome challenges during building; use green marketing techniques; and have its LEED certification. (LEED certification is a framework that was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council to evaluate how environmentally-friendly new construction is, and how large a carbon footprint new construction produces.) Facilities that receive the “outstanding green facility” award must also have good indoor air quality, and must meet standards for overall design and landscaping and overall environmental impact of the property. “Above the Roof, Below the Roof” should help self-storage developers to produce buildings that can be contenders for the new award.