New Technology Could Improve Marketing Efforts for Self Storage Industry

Posted on Apr 3 2012 - 4:23pm by Kim Kilpatrick

There are many things that likely bother owners in the self storage industry. One of those things has to be how to figure out what marketing efforts are successful or not, and if so are they worth the money that is being paid for them. A new software package by a leading self storage software provider could go a long way to helping facilities figure that out.

G5 and E-SoftSys have joined forces to give self storage clients a software package that will help connect the Self Storage Manager eCRM module with the Digitial Experience Management Platform.

Confused? Kat Shenoy, president of E-SoftSys, explains it well:

“This new integration will help our clients streamline campaign performance reporting across multiple facilities,” said E-SoftSys President & CEO Kat Shenoy. “They can spend less time evaluating marketing campaigns and more time developing, refining, and executing them.”

Basically, what the software will do is make it easier for self storage companies to track some of the many indicators that tell them whether a marketing campaign may be working. Rather than force managers to spend hours compiling all the data and then try to analyze it this system streamlines the process and make it all go much quicker.

By reducing the time that it takes to compile and analyze these reports self storage companies can maximize their time better not to mention pull the plug on an ad campaign that is not generating much business.

A-1 Self Storage has become the first company to integrate the software at all 40 of its self storage facilities.

“We’re very pleased with this new integration,” said Brian Caster, president of A-1 Self Storage. “It will make campaign measurement significantly easier for us, and give us more visibility into the performance of our marketing efforts and return on investment.”

G5 has been active in creating software for the self storage industry since the company formed in 2005. Just last year they introduced a new Mobile Premium Early Adopter Program designed to help users maximize their mobile promotions and campaigns. With the advent of the smart phone and more and more people having access to the internet in the palm of their hands mobile marketing has become the latest frontier for advertisers to tackle and companies to maximize.

“In order to maintain and improve our competitive advantage, it’s critical that we incorporate new mobile technology to meet the needs of our customers and prospective tenants,” said Pat Reilly, President of Urban Self Storage.

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