New Self-Assessment Program Helps Self Storage Industry Meet Environmentally- Friendly Ideals

Posted on Oct 27 2010 - 10:45am by John Stevens

Businesses across the country are going “green,” building with sustainable materials and powering their facilities in ecofriendly ways. Arriving on the scene, is the storage facility industry and a new program that promotes and measures sustainable practices.

The Self Storage Company launched a new program today dubbed “Make Yourself Green” to encourage owners and operators of self storage facilities to become ecofriendly and proactive in adopting practices that make their facilities green. Behind the Self Storage Company’s effort is the belief that the planet’s natural resources are being strained by a growing population. The self-administered program, which includes a self-assessment scorecard, can be downloaded from the Web.

Scores are based on four areas: energy usage, water usage, recycling and paper usage, and cleaning and disposal.  Going about these practices in an ecofriendly way can attract more customers, reduce operating costs and therefore increase profitability, stand out among the competition, and more.

Some self storage facilities, after scoring themselves using the self-assessment in the Make Yourself Green program, may want to go even further and be scored by the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) program, which awards different certification levels based on adherence to several environmental criteria. LEED scoring is extremely coveted in the construction industry and could soon become as sought after in the storage industry. The Make Yourself Green program, however, is more low-key and involves a self-assessment scorecard where practices are reviewed, a guide is filled out, and areas for improvement are then highlighted.

One aspect of green awards, whether they come from the Make Yourself Green program, in which a badge is given, or the LEED program, in which a certified score is given, is that customers notice and appreciate the green practices. Studies have shown that customers seek out businesses that are environmentally conscious. Make Yourself Green will also operate programs with communities, such as “shredder days” and drop-off recycling.

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