New Music Video Features Self Storage Facility

Posted on Jun 24 2010 - 2:07pm by Winnie Hsiu

Canadian pop band Michou has gone on tour this summer to promote its new album, Cardona. But before leaving for their tour, the foursome recorded one of the songs from the album as a music video. The video, “Eavesdropping,” shows the members of the band making their way through a self storage facility, as thousands of yellow balloons cascade around them. Eventually the band ends up on the beach. The song can be found in You Tube music videos, or at the band’s own website. “Eavesdropping” is not Michou’s first music video — or its first album. 

The video was produced by The Field, and its director was Hill Kourkourtis. Michou is an indie band, which means that they work independently and do their own promotions, rather than being tied to one record company.

In reference to the Eavesdropping video, Michou decided that at the shows on their tour, they would dump balloons on the audience.

“We thought it would be really fun if we brought the experience we had with the video to the crowd,” explained lead singer Michael Hargreaves in an interview published in the band’s hometown newspaper, The Windsor Star, in Windsor, Ontario. “We’re not putting 4,000 balloons into the crowd but even if you dump out 30 or 40 to the crowd it becomes a different show.”

To promote the shows on the tour, Sasha Appler, the band’s keyboardist and trumpeter, has been climbing up light poles and the sides of buildings in order to tie balloons in high traffic areas.

Hargreaves explained, “We handed out about 1,000 balloons to fans and if you watch the MMVAs on TV you can actually see a bunch of the balloons in the crowd and floating up with the pyrotechnics. It was a blast.”

The band is encouraging its fans to upload balloon pictures to Michou’s Facebook page. Michou keeps its Facebook page and its website updated with its latest touring dates and events, along with links to Michou’s songs. The band’s website also has a link to its “Eavesdropping” video, as well as another music video, “Growing Younger.”

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