Neighborhood Charms Abound at Moravia Road Facility

Posted on May 26 2011 - 12:09pm by Tony Gonzalez

Surrounded by trees and beautiful homes, the Moravia Road Extra Space Storage facility is located smack in the center of one of Baltimore’s most alluring neighborhoods.  In typical Maryland style, the building is faced with an attractive, redbrick look.

“It was opened in November of 2008,” says Greg Fisher, the Site Manager, “custom built for this purpose.”

This particular Extra Space Storage facility features an incredible 773 units, offering a wealth of storage possibilities. Beyond the standard units housing furniture and other knicknacks, the lot plays host to several larger guests.

“Because of our parking space,” Fisher explains, “I have people that store RV’s. I also have people that store watercraft, motorcycles, trailers, and all different types of items.”

One of the most noticeable traits of the area lies in its educational institutions. There are high schools, primary schools, and even a university located less than two miles from the Moravia Road Extra Space Storage facility. Foremost among these is the Maryland Bible College and Seminary, whose campus stretches over several acres. This makes Fisher’s location incredibly convenient for college students who need to store their extra items from home. Dorm rooms, after all, aren’t the roomiest of places.

Perhaps most importantly, Extra Space Storage is easy to get to. Customers can find them by taking either the Harbor Tunnel Throughway or Interstate 95. It’s a position that, according to Fisher, allows for incredibly simple access.

“We’re actually in a pretty good location. You can be in downtown Baltimore in ten minutes, or you can be in lovely White Marsh, shopping there in ten minutes.”

Those who’d like to hear more about the storage possibilities at the Moravia Road Extra Space Storage Facility can reach them via the company’s toll free number, 1-888-STORAGE. Residents of the Baltimore area can reach them locally at 410-485-1371.

About Extra Space Storage
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