Moving/Self Storage Companies the Next Evolution of the Industry?

Posted on Feb 24 2014 - 11:03pm by John Stevens

Moving sucks. There is no fun to be had in packing, loading up a truck, and then unloading when you get to your destination (wherever it is). When you get there and find out you need more space than you have you have to find a self storage facility. What if you were able to get both a moving company and self storage facility in one swoop?

Self storage facilities and moving companies have existed for many, many years as separate and distinct entities while being closely related. Recent years have seen many self storage facilities team up with companies that rent moving trucks, but that still leaves the unpleasant task of loading and unloading to do.

So what if you had a moving company that also had self storage? There are some companies that already offer such services.

For example, take Astro Worldwide Movers in Singapore. The company has been a leader in relocation for some time both in Singapore and overseas. As a service to their clients they have recently started offering self storage space as well.

“Apart from moving services, we are now also offering cheap storage services to our clients. We have large clean and secured areas for storage purposes. No matter how short or long term storage facility you are availing, we offer our service at an affordable price. We also ensure providing storage boxes and packages as per the client’s requirements,” said one company executive.

Astro Worldwide is not the only company that has molded moving services and self storage together. There are some in the United States that see the benefit—like Benny’s Moving and Storage in Boston. The company has been in operation since 1992, but recently it decided to extend its service by adding longer routes.

“We have trucks that are ready and scheduled to run every week.”  David Abbot, owner of Benny’s Moving and Storage, said, “We operate on a continuous loop, moving goods daily, so we always have a trailer available with 24 hour notice. It’s worked out great for our business and has kept our customers extremely happy with efficient pick-up schedules and prompt delivery to their new location.”

For consumers the concept gives them what they want most—convenience. By not having to search for one or the other, but a single entity, the whole process of moving can be much easier and efficient.

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