More and More of the Self Storage Industry is Going Online

Posted on Nov 30 2012 - 8:46pm by Holly Robinson

Does anyone actually use the Yellow Pages anymore or call a movie theater to see what’s playing? How about searching for government information or public services? Does anyone really let their fingers do the walking for them anymore? Or do they just log on and see what they can find on the World Wide Web?

The web has been a great tool for the self storage industry. Self storage facilities have made use of the internet as a means of exposure, creating better relationships with customers, and as another means of advertising outside of traditional methods (i.e. radio, television, print). 

It has also provided prospective self storage customers help in locating facilities and finding one that can meet their needs. Special sites have been created that serve that purpose (referred to as self storage aggregators).

“…The self storage industry has recently started to realize the necessity of web exposure and customers are becoming more Internet dependent, savvy, and looking online first, when shopping for storage,” said Victor Dante of

The industry has expanded its use of the web to include not only self storage facilities, but auctions as well., a site that lists the dates and times for local self storage auctions as well as related information. Recently the site celebrated a major milestone when it listed its 100,000th auction.

“When we look at that 100,000 auction number, more than anything we’re just thankful to our members, Storage Wars cast members, A&E Television, our partners and staff for making it happen,” said President and Founder Lance Watkins.

With technology making more and more things possible via the web another site has discovered a way to make it even easier for people to locate self storage auctions—by bringing them to people via the World Wide Web. is a start-up based out of Phoenix that holds self storage auctions online. The idea is pretty simple. Due to the popularity of shows like Storage Wars more and more people are going to auctions to bid and some just to watch making the whole process a little more challenging to bidders. 

More people in attendance mean more competition and the strong possibility of having to spend more to acquire a unit. Spectators can take away from the time a bidder could have trying to look into a unit and could be a distraction.

Participating online allows bidders to forego standing outside in scorching heat or numbing cold in order to bid on a unit. Listed on the page for each unit up for auction is a short list of some of the major items in a unit; several pictures of the contents are included as well. Other basic information included are the size of the unit, number of bids made, current high, the time remaining on the auction, and the exact time the auction ends.

Online auctions tend to last for days so that there is plenty of time for auction goers to have a chance to place a bid. As easy as it is to do hold and participate in a self storage auction online it is only a matter of time before most if not all auctions are held in this manner.

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