Modern Technology Provides a Real Boost to the Self Storage Industry

We’ve been told that technology is our friend. Sometimes that can be hard to believe, but those in the self storage industry know just how good a friend it can be.

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At one point in time, every business on the planet—self storage and otherwise—did just fine without computers. Everything that needed to get done was still done. Accounting was kept, inventories were monitored, communicating was accomplished, and pretty much anything else you can think of was done without the aid of computers.

As modern technology has evolved, everything that needs to be done still is, but in a much more efficient manner.

Take the start-up valet self storage service Cubiq in Boston as an example. The company offers to pick up whatever people want to store at their home or office, catalog it, and seal it in a secure cube for storing—but not before fitting it with a radio identification tag to make finding it easier.

When people want something to be picked up or would like something delivered, they just have to request the appropriate service through an application on their smartphone or tablet.

“As more people flock to urban centers in living spaces with limited storage options, storage has emerged as one of the top concerns for Boston apartment and condo dwellers,” said Michael Cappelletti, CEO of Cubiq, in a press release. “We are providing urban residents with the ability to easily and conveniently extend their closets, enabling them to live in their living spaces and free up valuable time.”

Back before the computer age, people would have had to call in to an office during business hours and hope someone answered or leave a message. Without the electronic tag, it would take longer to locate, retrieve, and deliver a tenant’s belongings.

The purpose of a valet self storage business is to be easy and timely for customers to use. Without modern technology, that could not happen.

The concept applies in the United States as well as abroad. For example, in Surrey, Canada, Sunnyside Self Storage offers tenants the opportunity to order whatever packing supplies and moving equipment they need online. They can even order and receive them on the same day if necessary.

Computers can actually do so much more for self storage facilities. Many use some sort of self storage software to help manage the day-to-day operations of the facility. Just about every facility will have an online presence (website, social media, etc.), making them easy for people to find online.

Do all the things that computers can accomplish make them a friend to the self storage industry? If not, they should at least make them one heck of a business partner!

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