MiniCo Insurance Agency Produces First in a Series of Training Videos

Posted on Mar 25 2014 - 7:41pm by Winnie Hsiu

Employee turnover presents a huge training hurdle for managers and owners of self storage facilities to overcome. Besides being trained in their duties and procedures new employees need to be trained in risk management. Training – especially when it’s done in a one-on-one situation – can be expensive. But the consequences that could happen if an employee is not trained in risk management are vastly more expensive in the long run.

MiniCo Insurance Agency
has created one video (that will be part of a series) of safety and loss control videos. These videos can be used by self storage owners, operators and managers to effectively train their employees. MiniCo has launched the first video of their initiative. “Tenant Safety Checklist” is now available online at

This 3-minute video provides a checklist of safety tips that creates an awareness of potential safety hazards on the self storage property. There is also a quiz that employees can take to test their understanding of the concepts presented in the video.

Tenant safety and loss control are top priorities for self storage managers. The owner/manager is responsible for providing a safe environment for employees, tenants, and guests. Lack of training employees in safety training and safety awareness can result in costly claims against the facility.

MiniCo President and CEO Mike Schofield said, “One of MiniCo’s key objectives is to create a valued on-demand learning platform to which owners and operators may direct employees for safety and loss control training on a regular basis to enhance safety awareness and understanding. Our overall goal will be to create a destination for owners and operators to utilize when seeking loss control and safety resources.”

Future video topics will cover things such as preventing slip-and-fall injuries, proper lifting techniques, ladder safety, lock-cutting safety, and the safe use of equipment and machinery. Each video will also have a quiz.

Using these videos for training has several advantages. First, employees can repeatedly watch them until they feel like they really know the material. Then, the videos can be used as refresher training at later dates.

Also, because they are online, employees can watch them when it is convenient for them. They don’t have to take time out their work schedule to travel to a distant location to be trained.

Also, this is a cost effective way for managers and owners to provide training for all of their employees. Employers do not have to pay for things such as airplane tickets, hotels, per diem, or other travel expenses for employees to travel to be trained.

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