Massive Self Storage Proposed in Cumberland RI

If everything goes as planned, a massive self storage facility will be built in Cumberland, Rhode Island. Tariq Khalil, the mastermind behind the development, is working with city officials to get all of the necessary approvals.

The property that Khalil is looking at is a 5.5 acre parcel of land that consists of three adjacent lots that are valued at a million dollars. He plans on purchasing several other adjoining smaller vacant lots so that he will have enough space for everything that he wants to have for the storage facility.

Currently, there is already a storage building on the property that has over 93,000 square feet of storage space and almost 4,000 square feet of office space. (Part of the building used to house the American Steel & Aluminum Company, which processed metals.) There are also parking areas on the property.

The three lots are currently zoned for industrial use. The other lots in the master plan are zoned residential so Khalil would have to get the town council to rezone the area to industrial.

Khalil’s plan includes building 13 more self storage buildings of various sizes so that there would be different sized units from which customers could select. The proposed storage complex would be almost twice as big as another self storage facility located in the city.

The zoning board has already approved a 6-by-30 foot illuminated sign, which is bigger than the 150 square-foot regulation size. Khalil requested permission to have the sign stay lighted all night. However, the board stipulated that the sign had to be turned off at 11 p.m. when the facility closed.

Khalil plans on covering 86 percent of the property with structures. Current city law allows only 80 percent so he will have to get the council’s approval before he can start building.

The city requires a 150-foot buffer between a business and a residential area. Khalil wants to reduce the size of the buffer and have the rear property line closer to neighbors. He will seek the council’s approval for that change.

At a meeting last week, Kelly Morris, director of Planning and Community Development, encouraged the developer to add landscaping along the rear property line and on the property line on Dexter Street.  She indicated that while the city liked the project and wanted the business in their town they also want to make sure that the property looks nice.

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