Marketing Coach Gives Advice to the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Apr 10 2014 - 10:39pm by Winnie Hsiu

At one of the jobs where I used to work, one part-time worker had an office chair that had a semi-broken arm rest. Because the worker was part-time, his boss didn’t want to buy a new chair. Instead, he whipped out a roll of duct tape and taped the chair arm together. The patch job looked nice. My co-worker was happy. His boss was happy. Duct tape saved the day.

Duct tape can help the self storage industry, too. Duct tape sticks – and that is the basis behind John Jantsch book Duct Tape Marketing – Think Like a Marketer, Sell Like a Superstar. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Jantsch is a popular marketing guru and speaker. Jantsch recently shared his ideas on how a self storage facility can stand out in the self storage industry.

Jantsch says that the first thing that a self storage business needs to do is to stop thinking about their business as selling space and start thinking how it is a way to make someone’s dream come true. He says that people want to get more of something that they have – more room, a place to call home. When you approach your business from this point of view, a self storage business can find ways to differentiate their space from what others in the industry have.

Jantsch recommends that you try to find a way to be different. Basically, everybody in the self storage industry is selling the same thing – three walls and a door. One way to differentiate yourself from other self storage businesses is to provide some type of different experience.

Find some way to make your customers’ experience extra special, something that stands out. When you can accomplish that, you will win over your customers and they will come back a second time. Customers will be so pleased that they will tell family and friends about their experience with your business and recommend your business to them.

He also recommends that self storage businesses tout how convenient it is to do business with them. Eliminate hassles. Make things easy for customers. Think of what challenges people might have and find ways to fill those needs. Find ways to delight your customer so that they will become advocates for your brand.

Jantsch book explains how small businesses can develop and carry out a marketing plan. He gives hands-on, actionable information that is clear, concise, and practical. For over twenty years, he has coached and consulted with small business owners and helped them grow and promote their business.


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