Mario Feghali to Give Upcoming Webinar about Online Marketing and Self Storage

Posted on Nov 29 2010 - 3:25pm by Tony Gonzalez

Those in the self storage industry that have the spare time may want to tune in to the upcoming webinar “Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Online Marketing.” The person leading the webinar will be a man who knows a little about online marketing, co-founder Mario Feghali.

In the webinar, Feghali will be discussing how to make the World Wide Web really work for you when it comes to marketing. Most people will be quick to say that they have a web site up and running, but Feghali says that a web page should only be the beginning of your online marketing efforts.

The focus will largely be on figuring out that if what you are doing to promote your self storage facility via the web is actually working and the extent to which it is functioning. He will demonstrate how to use analytics to gauge how well things are working.

Among the topics he will be covering during the webinar will be how to figure out  whether you are getting a positive or negative return on your investment. He will also talk about some free tools that you can use to check how well your web site is performing for you. None of this will matter if you fail to recognize what the factors are that encourage results.

He will also show you how by tracking certain variables you can get a better idea how well your marketing efforts are working. One of the more important factors to track he says are your new move-ins. Collecting data on when people move in relative to when you ran certain promotions (or possibly in relation to other events) can be beneficial in the long run. Tracking how long they stay can also help you figure out when to focus your advertising dollars the most.

Fenghali knows just a bit about online marketing. He is one of the co-founders for, a free web page that helps people find self storage facilities all around the nation. The site started out very simple, but since it’s creation it has expanded to 100 different web pages with over 80,000 visitors coming by each month. In the webinar he will show you how he uses his background in psychology, statistics, and analytics to help get more business via the web.

For those interested in learning more, the webinar will take place on Wednesday, December 1, 2010, at 1 PM Eastern Time


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Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Online Marketing.