Manhattan Mini Storage Announces Contest Winner

Posted on Jan 24 2014 - 4:33pm by Holly Robinson

I love watching the TV show Extreme Makeover with designer and host Ty Pennington. I love to see how they renovate and fix up homes – and how much the less fortunate families appreciate all of the work that the Extreme Makeover team does to their home.

Following after a similar theme, Manhattan Mini Storage held an extreme apartment makeover contest. They announced that Ben Raffalli is the winner – and he’s probably just as excited about his apartment makeover as those who are on the TV show.

As winner of the sweepstakes contest, Ben will get a free personal closet at Manhattan Mini Storage and free monthly apartment cleanings for an entire year. Ben lives in a very cluttered apartment in Chelsea. He lives there with two roommates and is very excited to be the winner.

His apartment gets a bit messy between him and his two roommates (a twenty-something young man and a twenty-something young woman). The young woman gets frustrated with the two young men because they clutter the apartment up. Plus, they inherited a lot of furniture from previous tenants who left things behind. These two situations make for one very cluttered living space.

Originally, Ben moved from Boston to Harlem. Then he moved to Chelsea. He ended up with quite a lot of stuff that didn’t fit into his apartment. So he really appreciates getting the Personal Closet as the contest winner.

Manhattan Mini Storage is having ANOTHER contest. This time it is on Twitter. People just need to tweet about how Manhattan Mini Storage can unclutter their lives. They will select a tweet and that person will get a free Personal Closet from now through the end of the winter (March 19). People need to use the tag @ManhattanMini in the tweet.

Manhattan Mini Storage is very tuned into what it’s like to live in the Big Apple, and the needs people have for storage space. They know that many people who live in New York City do not own cars. Instead, they use the public transportation to get around.

Because of that, many people do not have vehicles and have a difficult time finding a way to take their belongings to a storage unit. To fill that need, Manhattan Mini Storage has a free Storage Taxi for their customers to use. The Storage Taxi is an oversized minivan with no seats in the back. They have four vehicles and they are in high-demand because this service is so popular with their customers. This service is very appreciated by their customers.

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