Management Service Helps Florida Self Storage Companies ‘Bag It’

Third party management companies are becoming more and more common as the self storage industry continues to experiences growth. The self storage industry has proven to be solid, reliable investments for many people in recent years, but making that investment turn a profit is not always easy to do.

That is where the services of third-party companies that specialize in managing self storage companies come in handy.

They will often require the owner to hand over complete control of the self storage facility to them so that they can run in appropriately, freeing up the investor for other pursuits. As long as the owner has picked the right company, this can often result in the facility turning a profit sooner or bigger than before.

One of the things that these third party companies do is find ways to get the facility exposure beyond just using advertising dollars. A common way is through charitable endeavors like the one that a number of self storage facilities in Florida are involved with thanks to their third party management service, Accountable Management (AM).

The 27 self storage facilities under (AM) are looking to do their part in making sure hungry Americans get the food that they sorely need by helping out with Feeding America’s 2011 food drive

“Accountable Management has a long-standing history of corporate responsibility and has been donating to local charities and organizations for years,” said Lori Judd, Project Manager at Accountable Management. “And even though the economy is showing signs of recovery, American families continue to find themselves struggling with food insecurity….”

The 27 self storage facilities that Accountable Management service will be helping Feeding America ‘Bag Hunger’ by acting as drop-off locations and collection points for people that are interested in lending a helping hand to this worthwhile cause.

“…One in six [Americans], live in food insecure households, including 17 million children. In response to this need we are helping to “Bag Hunger” and provide much needed food for the upcoming holiday season,” Judd said.

With the help of these self storage facilities, Feeding America is hoping to collect 1,000 pounds of non-perishable food donations from when the drive starts on October 1 till it closed November 9. 

Participating self storage companies can be found in numerous cities throughout Florida including Cape Coral, Tampa, Edgewater, Orlando, Largo, Trinity, Sarasota, Naples, and Clearwater.

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