Man Has Dogs But Self Storage Facilities Have Vertical Consultants

Posted on Mar 26 2014 - 11:53pm by John Stevens

Dogs are the unquestioned best friend off mankind. There is just something about those furry creatures; there love, devotion, and unwavering loyalty perhaps. Whatever the reason man is lucky to have dogs and vice versa. Businesses—self storage and otherwise—have to look elsewhere.

That’s not to say that any business can’t own a dog or be friends with one, but when we are talking about businesses a ‘best friend’ is going to be something or someone that is going to earn money for the company.

For the self storage industry Vertical Consultants definitely qualifies.

What the company essentially does is recover unpaid rent for self storage facilities that have allowed cellular towers to rent/lease space. Since the company formed in 2010 it has been assisting self storage facilities across the country recover rent that telecommunication companies should have been paying all along. In most cases they also renegotiate better deals for facilities as well.

Recently the company announced that it was helping Gresham Mini Storage recover unpaid rent and create a better agreement to insure that the facility continues be compensated appropriately.

 “We are proud to provide our clients with results positively affecting their bottom lines. Knowing and understanding the terms within your cell tower lease is an essential element in receiving full and fair value for telecom companies’ use of your property. It is our mission to arm all property owners with information that will afford them opportunities to increase the value of their cell tower leases and we take pride in accomplishing this on a daily basis.”

The company was founded by veterans from the wireless industry so if anyone is going to know how to work the system in favor of self storage facilities it will be people that used to work for the other side. While results varied from one state to another, on average Vertical Consultants managed to increase rent for it clients by 236 percent in 2013.

“…Commercial property owners leasing their land for cell tower placement are realizing, with the help of Vertical Consultants, significant increases in the cell tower rent they receive and in their overall cell tower lease value. There are property owners across the country who are not receiving fair value for the use of their land, and it is our job to change that,” said Hugh Odom, President and Founder of Vertical Consultants.

They may not wag their tail and chase balls for you like man’s best friend, but wouldn’t you love your dog even more if he/she earned you a ton of money?

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