Louisiana Self Storage Raises Money for American Heart Association

Posted on Oct 31 2012 - 6:10pm by Holly Robinson

Recently, we have written about several self storage facilities across the United States who have partnered with Charity Storage to raise money for various charities. Fort Knox Climate Controlled Self Storage in Louisiana has now joined the ranks of those working with Charity Storage.

“We found out about Charity Storage at the past spring’s national SSA Conference in Florida and the enrollment process and promotion material helped make the process easy to do,” said Kevin McKee, the general manager of the Fort Knox facility. “Tenants have been contributing to the unit over the last several months so after we had filled our unit, we felt it was time to auction. The bidders were excited about the opportunity to bid on a well-rounded inventory of donations, as well as the fact that it was going for a good cause!”

When a self storage business decides to partner with Charity Storage, they dedicate one storage unit as a collection point for donated goods. Current tenants, those who are departing, local residents, and businesses donate items. Then, the storage facility holds an auction to sell the goods.

Monies collected are split three ways. Sixty-percent goes to a charity of choice decided by the storage business. Thirty-percent goes to Kure It Cancer Research. Ten-percent goes to the Self Storage Association Foundation Scholarship program. McKee selected the American Heart Association as his charity of choice. The auction raised $320 so sixty-percent of that will go to the American Heart Association.

Kevin McKee feels that you’ve ‘gotta have heart’ and you also have to help out those with heart problems. That is why he chose the American Heart Association to receive the monies raised by the auction. The American Heart Association strives to help people build healthier lives free of cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

“What a great first Charity Storage auction for Kevin and Fort Knox Climate Controlled Self Storage,” said Lance Watkins, founder of Charity Storage. “By hosting a Charity Storage auction, Kevin has showed how much he wants to help others, especially through the American Heart Association. We are so pleased that he found out about us at the SSA Spring Conference & Trade Show and hope that he continues to lead the way by hosting many more Charity Storage auctions.”

Fort Knox Climate Controlled Storage is the ‘Gold Standard’ in self storage. It has a facility in Marrero and Mandeville, Louisiana.

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