Los Angeles Self Storage Facility Redefines What it Means to Rock

Posted on Apr 1 2014 - 11:35pm by Winnie Hsiu

The self storage industry is many things. It’s a thriving business and a solid investment. Thanks to a few reality television shows it’s a pop culture phenomenon. It’s been a major character in recent movies and had long played a role in many television shows. It’s even been the site of an MMA training facility—but the hottest music venue in town?

In Los Angeles it is.

Music is no stranger to the self storage industry. Many facilities have hosted or sponsored events. It’s not unusual to see them giveaway tickets as part of a promotion. It is not uncommon to find bands using self storage units to rehearse even.

“It’s about the only thing around, really, to prevent noise ordinance problems,” guitarist Ryan O’Shea commented in a 2007 interview in The Washington Post

Some self storage facilities encourage bands and try to recruit them while others have a ‘no bands’ policy in place. Hinckley’s Self Storage in the Elysian Valley (Southern California/Los Angeles area) is okay with bands making use of self storage units—which sparked an ingenious idea by Tyler Stevens-Tyler.

Initially all he was doing was looking for a place to practice himself. He had been kicked out of his old space where he had also begun to host small shows (something else he wanted to continue doing). He came across Hinckley’s Self Storage and Propinquity Space was born. 

The concept is easy. He has an 8’ by 10’ self storage unit. Bands come in, set up and play for a three person audience.

Yes, a three person audience.

“The band and the fans get to be in the same space, literally and figuratively,” explains Prope’s sound engineer, Miles Luna.

The intimacy of the space has helped turn it in to a must-have experience for music fans in Los Angeles. The space only allows for a few seats that are so close to the band that should the guitarist drop his pic or the singer the microphone whoever is enjoying the show is going to get hit.

Sound crazy? Maybe it is, but it is one of the most popular venues for music goers and one of the hardest to get in to. For a show starting at 9 PM it’s a good idea to get in line around 7 or 8 AM if you want to really have a chance to get in.

Long live rock n’roll!

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