Lok’nStore Storage in the UK Selects Their ‘Charity of the Year’

Posted on Aug 27 2012 - 8:00pm by Tony Gonzalez

In the United States, self storage owners and managers are well known for sponsoring fundraisers that support local charities and for supporting charitable events. That characteristic is also evident internationally. Lok’nStore in the UK is an example of a storage facility that reaches out and helps their community.

Lok’nStore Storage selected Willen Hospice as their ‘charity of the year.’ Willen Hospice facilities sit on the shore of a quiet lake and provide care to terminally ill adults. They focus on proving specialist symptom control, emotional support, spiritual support, and care and support for caregivers.

The Hospice understands that some people do not want to move into the Hospice to be cared for. So, community teams care for patients in their own homes. The goals of the Hospice are to help their patients maintain their dignity during their terminal illness, to assist in controlling symptoms, and to enable the patients to make their own decisions about their personal care.

Their services are free to community members. Twenty-three percent of the costs are met through Primary Care Trusts that cover Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, and Northampton. The rest of their operating monies are raised through donations and fundraising events.

This is where Lok’nStore steps in. They have selected Willen Hospice as its ‘Charity of the Year.’ From July 2012 through June 2013, Lok’nStore will hold fundraising events and donate the monies to the Willen Hospice.

Lesley Macauley, Centre Manager at Lok’nStore Milton Keynes commented,  “We are really delighted to be forming this partnership between Willen Hospice and Lok’nStore.  With many of our customers residing in the local area, it is important for us to support the community around our centre.  To kick-start our relationship with Willen Hospice, we will make a £25 donation every time the charity directs a customer to Lok’nStore and they make a reservation.  We also have some exciting fundraising activity planned where we will be profiling the charity to our customers and the general public.”

Lok’nStore will also donate £25 when customers make a reservation and they mention Willen Hospice.

Lok’nStore Storage has 22 storage centers across the southeast section of England. In addition to providing storage for individuals and families, they provide storage for businesses. They offer document and data storage, archiving of private documents, and pallet storage and mini warehousing. They also provide office space for businesses ranging in office size from 80 feet up to 800 square feet.

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