Lock+Store to Offer Onsite Postal Services

Posted on May 5 2016 - 5:04pm by Tony Gonzalez


Self-storage companies are constantly on the search for ways to better serve their customers and increase their revenue stream.

Beyond their main source of revenue—storage space—some facilities provide packing materials, or partner with moving companies to provide trucks or moving services, or offer office space or meeting rooms for rent. In the United States, it’s not unheard of for a facility to covert some units into studios for use by local artists and musicians.

Singapore-based Lock+Store is broadening its services by offering onsite postal services. While many facilities in Singapore will accept packages for customers, Lock+Store announced in a statement in Parcel&Post that they will be the first company that will accept outgoing mail, registered parcels, and Speedpost postings.

Onsite postal services may not be a strong selling point for traditional customers, but for the growing number of self-storage customers who use facilities to support their e-commerce businesses, it is a massive development.

Helen Ng, the CEO of General Storage Co.—the company that operates owns and operates Lock+Store—has been mindful of the increase in online businesses and the importance self-storage can play in their operations. By offering postal service at all of its locations she hopes e-commerce retailers will be more inclined to become tenants at one of Lock+Store’s five locations.

“Amid the current tough economic climate, e-commerce storage is a key growth driver.  Our appointment as a postal agent enables us to provide order fulfillment support to e-commerce stores. They can save time, money and manpower by depositing their merchandise with our Customer Service Officers after purchasing the necessary postage,” Ms. Ng said in the Post&Parcel.

This marriage of postal services and self storage in Singapore is not mere happenstance: The Singapore Post—which is the national postal service provider in Singapore—acquired General Storage Co. (owner and operator of Lock+Store) in 2013.