Local Self Storage Company Honored by the U.S. Commerce Association

Posted on Dec 27 2011 - 6:28pm by Holly Robinson

The self storage industry is one that is primarily composed of local businessmen and women; there are some major corporations (REITs) involved in the industry, but they only own about 10 percent of all self storage facilities in the United States. This can make earning recognition that much more important since with awards of any kind often comes free publicity.

One self storage company in Massachusetts has made it a practice to stand apart from the rest, and was recently recognized by the U.S. Commerce Association for being the “best.” Each year the USCA recognizes businesses that stand out above the rest, effectively giving people a positive impression of small businesses.

Lakeville Self Storage has been recognized under the USCA’s “Best of Local Business” program for being the best recreational vehicle storage in the Lakeville area.

The USCA takes information they collect on their own accord as well as data provided by an outside party in order to make its decisions. The idea is to give smaller businesses exposure to make it easier for them to compete with larger organizations.

For Lakeville Self Storage, being recognized for being among the best at what it does is nothing new to them. In 2010 they were named to the “Top Ten Greenest Storage Facilities in the United States” list according to AlternativeConsumer.com.

Lakeville was included on the list due to the unique style of air-conditioning that is in use at the facility. Rather than use a traditional method of cooling the climate controlled units at the facility they used a special geothermal system where they pumped water from the well into the walls of the facility.

“Somebody had mentioned it to me, and I grabbed it like a dog with a bone,” said Bill Markson, owner of Lakeville Self Storage.

The same open-loop system can be used to heat the units during the cooler winter months. While it can be expensive, Markson says that the savings will pay for the installation within four years.

“If it actually saves me money to be environmentally conscious, I’ll do it,” Mr. Markson said. “It is probably the most cost-effective method of using energy from the environmental standpoint. We will have geothermal energy that’s going to save a lot of energy costs.

“…The heat is in the ground, why not use it? We should be sensitive to the environment. This makes sense.”

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