Little Things Can Make a Difference in the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Mar 25 2013 - 7:33pm by John Stevens

On the face of things the self storage industry would appear to be a pretty cut and dry business. People need space, self storage facilities provide it, and that is that. While technically that is all that a facility needs to do it is far from the only thing that they do. 

Many will offer a wide range of services and amenities with the ultimate goal of complementing or enhancing the self storage experience.  It is unusual to find one that does not at least offer packing supplies (i.e. boxes, packing peanuts, tape, etc.). Many will now offer moving vans for new tenants to use. Climate controlled units are not uncommon either.

Much like hotel rooms amenities are a way for self storage facilities to set themselves apart from the competition.  Some make more of an effort here than others, but there are likely few that offer as many as Gotham Mini Storage in New York. In fact, the facility offers enough that the New York Times recently did a profile on the facility.

Tenants can enjoy many things that you would expect more at a hotel than self storage facility. A free coffee bar can help them get their caffeine fix for the day.  Miss breakfast? Pop in and get one of the free doughnuts that are out. 

No need to leave your dog in the car either. They have snacks on hand for man’s best friend as well!

“The building, which was a parking garage in the 1920s, has two truck-size elevators that tenants can use to move things directly from vehicle to storage. Gotham offers free pickups, not in a minivan like other companies, but a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibus,” wrote C.J. Hughes in the New York Times article.

Typically people look at self storage as a place to store things where they may need to drop by every so often to take things (or drop them off). However, if you need a place to get some work done on your laptop they offer a workspace complete with free WiFi.

“We know we’ve built a good product,” said Jack Guttman, one of the co-owners of the company. “It’s different, and it’s better.”

Some facilities are starting to go the extra mile online as well as at the facility. More and more websites are coming with the ability to set up an account where tenants can reserve units and pay their bills as well as a feature that helps tenants locate the facility closest to them. 

To aid in making websites more user friendly for people on the go more facilities are offering mobile versions of their site as well as Spanish ones. Gotham Mini Storage actually just completed and launched a new desktop and mobile version on their site.

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