Last Self Storage Legal Webinar to be Held

Posted on Nov 26 2012 - 6:05pm by Holly Robinson

What do you do if a tenant passes away and his daughter claims that her father promised her an antique chair that is in his rental unit? What if his son says that his father promised him a set of tools that is stored there? Do the renter’s children have a legal claim on the deceased person’s possessions?

Or what if a husband and wife divorce and they are adamantly claiming that the other person should not have access to the storage unit? Who is legally allowed to remove items from the storage unit they rented while they were still married?

What happens when a unit is in foreclosure? What if creditors, finance companies, bankers, lawyers, family members, or personal friends of the renter make claims on the stored property? As a self storage owner or manager, how are you supposed to handle these types of situations?

Scott Zucker and D. Carlos Kaslow will answer sticky legal questions such as these in the final webinar sponsored by MiniCo Insurance Agency, LLC. The concluding legal webinar entitled Handling Competing Claims on Customer Property will be held on Wednesday December 5, 2012. The webinar will last one hour.

The fee for the final session is $49.95. Those needing more information or are interested in signing up can go here to get more information and to register:

Zucker and Kaslow will discuss a variety of scenarios and provide explanations, insights, and suggestions on how to handle them. Topics will include:

•    What rights do lienholders have both before and after a tenant default?
•    Can a former boyfriend take his property out of his girlfriend’s space?
•    What do you do when a bankruptcy trustee demands access to a space?

Scott Zucker is a partner in the Weissman Zucker Euster Morochnick, P.C. legal firm that is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Zucker specializes in business and commercial litigation with an emphasis in the areas of construction, real estate, employment, landlord-tenant, and franchise law. He authored “Legal Topics in Self Storage: A Source Book for Facility Owners & Managers.”

D. Carlos Kaslow is the general counsel for the Self Storage Association. He has over 20 years experience in the self storage industry. He is the publisher/editor of SSA’s Self Storage Legal Review and has authored self storage lien manuals for several states.

Kaslow and Zucker co-founded the Self Storage Legal Network. Together, they have over 50 years of experience in the self storage industry. Together, they have written annotated lien law booklets for 16 states.

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