Lackland Self Storage Meets Resistance to Proposed New Facility

Posted on Sep 12 2013 - 3:54pm by Winnie Hsiu

It’s raining in Colorado. Over the last 24 hours they have been inundated with rain. Boulder got 9 inches. Louisville got 6.6. Estes Park got 5 inches. Rain is expected to continue through Friday. Roads are closed. Schools are closed. People have been ordered to evacuate some of the areas. Flash flood warnings are out in many areas.

Rain and flooding is also a concern for citizens in the Fair Lawn and Saddle Brook, New Jersey – and for Lackland Self Storage.

Lackland Self Storage wants to build a 121,000 square-foot facility that will have 967 units in Saddle Brook.  They also want to build a rental office on the property where smaller trucks could be rented.

Lackland Self Storage has applied for a building permit.  A hearing was set up for the Zoning Board to review the request. However, the hearing has been delayed. In fact, the hearing has been delayed several times.

The residents in the area have a big concern and are worried about the proposed facility and its effects on their homes. Residents have battled flooding in their homes for a long time. They are afraid that the project would worsen the chronic flooding problem that the homes in that area have.

There is a proposed meeting for September 24. However, this meeting has been put on hold. This will give the developer time to meet with the county to discuss possible changes to the plans. There are talks to have the borough’s drainage system extended across the property and to have it dump into a drainage ditch. Digging the draining ditch could be part of the development of the storage facility. If it was, the area residents would be much happier. Hopefully, they can come to a good compromise.

Lackland Self Storage has an interesting history. In the 1970s, Fred Lackland and his family vacationed in Los Angeles. A friend had told him about a recent phenomenon – self storage. Fred’s interest was piqued. He and his family went to check out the facility. They were greeted by a nasty, barking dog. (The dog was the storage facility’s security system.)

Back at home, Fred and his brother built a small storage facility in Piscataway. It was one of the first self storage facilities in the state. They quickly became a pioneer in the industry and their business grew. One of their features of their business was a computerized and enhanced security system. Customers appreciated it far more than a barking dog.

Currently, the second generation of the family has taken over the management. Now, Lackland Self Storage is one of the largest self storage businesses in New Jersey.

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