Kids Are Not the Only Ones That Like a Good Story—the Self Storage Industry Does!

Posted on Jun 13 2014 - 11:49pm by John Stevens

Reading is something that is essential to getting by in today’s world. Yes, you could guess a few things by the shape of the sign (i.e. a stop sign), but for the most part you are in trouble if you can’t read. Besides—it can be fun as well. Parents read to their kids all the time not only for developmental purposes, but because kids like listening to the story.

As it turns out kids are not the only ones that enjoy a good story. Some members of the self storage industry do as well.

Recently employees from SpareFoot, an online marketplace for the self storage industry, visited the kids at Reilly Elementary School in Austin, Texas. Their purpose was not to read to the kids, but for the kids to read to them. What is really unique about the visit is what they all read from.

It was a hardcover book written and illustrated by the kids in the class.

“Students were able to choose whatever they wanted to write about in any genre as a kind of celebration of the hard work they did all year preparing for the standardized writing test,” said Eliza Gordon, a fourth-grade teacher at the school.

The employees from SpareFoot donated the money to pay for each book to be published by a company called Student Treasures.

The event was a good chance for the kids to show off their writing, illustrating, and reading skills. Their enthusiasm was easy to see.

“What really surprised me was how ready and willing everyone was to have their own turn at reading aloud,” Jeanette DeHay, a SpareFoot employee. “I expected there to be some hesitation, especially from shy students, but I was pleasantly surprised at everyone’s eagerness.”

Many self storage companies love to get involved in their communities especially when they get the chance to help kids. For example, Hawaii Self Storage has a program called Lockers for Literacy. The program donates books to local first grade students. Every time the facility rents a new locker it donates $2 to the fund as well.

The company took it a step further for its tenth anniversary when it published its own children’s book, Mr. Safety Saves the Day (written by vice president of marketing and sales, Shaun Alexander). In it the community joins forces with Mr. Safety to take down the evil Clutter Monster.


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