Kato Moving and Storage Experiences Flooding

Posted on Jun 26 2014 - 10:06pm by Nina

And the rains came pouring down. And down. And down.  Six feet of water rushed into the lower level of the Kato Moving and Storage that is in Mankato, Minnesota. And with that rushing water came damage to almost everything in the 22,000 square foot facility.

Jerry Pietz, owner of Kato Moving and Storage, is struggling to work through all of the damage caused by the flooding waters. The water damaged his storage facility’s elevator and personally, Pietz lost a 1925 Studebaker.

Most of Pietz’s customers that were affected are commercial businesses. Those businesses have insurance and can most likely recoup their losses from the flooding. However, it’s a different story for the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota.

Kato Moving and Storage donated storage space for the library to store some of their possessions. The Children’s Museum is in the process of building a new site and needed a place to store some of their current items. They put a lot of their items in the donated storage unit in anticipation and preparation for their new building. The Museum hoped to open their new museum in early 2015.

Peter Olson, executive director of the museum, indicated that the museum’s losses are in the tens of thousands of dollars. Robotic Legos. Lost. Story time rocking chairs. Ruined. A projector and screen. Destroyed. Power tools. Gone. All gone.

This is the second 100-year flood that the area has experienced in the last seven years. The last flood was in September 2010. In 2010, the river swelled because over 10 inches of rain fell in a short amount of time.

This time, the river isn’t rising as fast. The flooding problem is more connected to the storm- sewer system. The drainage needs to be revamped and improved.

The Children’s Museum is very grateful for the space that Kato Moving and Storage had donated to them. Now, the museum will need lots of help to replace the items that were lost in the flood.  Olson indicated that the best way for people to help the Museum out is to make monetary donations. People can donate either over the phone or online.

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